1. Write the installation steps of osintagram.
  2. How can you get into target Instagram and how can you get the menu for it? Write it from the make setup steps.
  3. How can you show the number of followers, number of comments, and number of like of an Instagram account? Write the menu commands.
  4. How can you download the target’s photos and how can you see them? Write all the steps.
  5. How can you display the user who had commented on your posts and how can you download the profile picture of the targeted user?
  6. Write a short note on the Nmap command.
  7. Write the commands for scanning a single host, single IP address, and range of IP addresses.
  8. Write the commands for scanning a single port, multiple ports, and a range of ports.
  9. How can you find help, open ports, and Nmap version?
  10. Write the commands for fast scan, more details, and find the live host.